If you came to this page, a sign that your new swimsuit is important to you and you want to keep it, let me tell you something, he also wants you to keep it, that’s why he left you a special message: Hi Unique, I’m really happy to be yours! But to stay happy, I need you to take good care of me. I am made of the highest quality fabrics and printed in a special print and these allow me to look and feel glamorous and special! To make sure I always look glamorous and special, please follow these instructions, after all we are going to spend a lot of time together:
  • After purchasing, gently remove the size label attached to me with string by cutting it with scissors.
  • After you wear me, rinse me with cold or lukewarm water to make sure there is no chlorine or salt left in me.
  • Put some soap on and rub lightly to make sure I stay clean and tidy.
  • Rinse the soap and squeeze gently.
  • Let me dry in the hanger when I’m ready for the final.
  • Once I’m dry, put me back in the closet. Do not leave me to dry (literally) in the sun, it can damage my color.
  • Do not put me in a washing machine or dryer. Sew me by hand with lots of attention and love so I am very gentle. There is no need to.
  • Try to be careful about me when you use sunscreen, tanning oil and things like that, they can stain me.
  • To prolong my life, try to wash me immediately after use.
  • If I’m white or light-colored, try not to sit or come in contact with objects that have a strong color that may discolor me.
  • If I got dirty from the sand, do not be afraid to rub me hard, I promise to clean up!
Thanks in advance!