Dimensions and shapes

for sure! If you visited our page and measurements and you still could not choose the right size for you, you can always consult with us!

For this we have created a special page where you can fill out a form with all your details, and within 24 hours we will return an email with the size that we think will best suit you.

If you need more prompt advice – you can always call us …

To help you adjust a shape to your body type, we have created the “Dimensions and Shapes” page where there is a detail on each shape individually, what its benefits are and for whom it is suitable.

In addition, you can look at the page “Adjusting a shape according to body structure” which helps to adjust a shape according to what you want to emphasize / hide in your body.

of course! Each part you choose has an option to choose a separate size, so the sizes do not have to match both parts, so that the swimsuit can sit on you perfectly.

Yes! Most of the bras’ cuts come up to size XL – which fits the chest in size E.

Hoy panties come up to size XL that fit size 44.

Obviously! We will be happy to meet you at our store in Dizengoff Center in Tel Aviv, Building A, 2nd floor.

We do not renew the stock of all prints and cuts, so we recommend that you do not wait for this to happen, so as not to miss the cut / print you want.

If you are interested in one specific cut, you should try it in another print. If you like a certain print and do not have the cut you wanted for your size, you should take another cut or check another size.

Our suggestion is not to wait for inventory renewals. In any case you can always stay updated on Instagram or Facebook.


We know your swimsuit is important to you, so we’ve devoted an entire page to tips to help you maintain it over time. Our recommendations in a nutshell: do not put in the machine / dryer, wash by hand with water and some soap, allow to dry spread and shade, do not leave in the sun / on a boiling bone for a long time.

Swimwear is made from very high quality Italian lycra fabrics. Anyone who has already ordered a swimsuit from us on the site, must have been surprised by the pleasant touch of the fabric.

The fabrics are printed in a special print that does not fade or lose color, even in contact with chlorine, salt and soap.

Yes! In designing the collection, we decided to give added value to each swimsuit, and what is more added than another swimsuit ?!

So each swimsuit is basically 2 swimsuits, with 4 options to combine.

Each swimsuit can be worn on both sides, and also combine-for example, a smooth top and a printed bottom.

Everything according to the mood!

Good thing you asked! The size label sewn to the swimsuit is intended solely for the size marking in the store. It is not essential for the swimsuit and is therefore sewn in such a way that it can be easily removed.

It is not sewn directly to the swimsuit because it is double sided and therefore needs to be clean from all directions.

All you have to do is gently cut the label, and it will not pop out and you will feel free.

Our swimwear is sewn seamlessly. It is a clean form of sewing where no seams are seen, and it allows the swimsuit to be double-sided and worn on both sides.

Seamless sewing is also the most flattering, because the rubber does not squeeze or “pull out”, just as we all love. Feel free to try for yourself!


You can choose between 2 shipping options:

1. Delivery by courier to the house – cost 33 NIS. The order will reach you within 3-5 business days.

Delivery to an automatic collection point / locker – at a cost of 20 NIS. The order will arrive at the collection point you have chosen within 5-7 business days.

You will be able to track your shipment via SMS that you will receive from the salt shipper when your order has been received by them. To find out the status of your shipment, enter the item tracking number you received in the email to the link here.

If 7 business days have passed since the day after the order (business days are counted from the day after the order, business days Sunday-Thursday does not include holidays) and your shipment did not show signs of life (stuck in focus / delayed) Contact us and we will check the delivery status.

Shipments should arrive within 3-7 business days, depending on the type of shipment you choose.

There may be delays on the part of the shipping company caused by various loads and therefore we are not able to guarantee an exact delivery time.

Also, the delivery time may be longer for small localities and moshavim.

Orders and exchanges

If you have not received an email to confirm an order, you should check the spam of your mailbox, sometimes the emails get there.

If after placing the order you have reached the page where it says “The order was received successfully”, the answer is yes, your order was received and accepted!

All necessary emails will be sent to you within 24 hours of placing your order. If 24 hours have passed and you have not received all the additional emails, contact us for clarification.

According to the laws of the Ministry of Health, for hygienic reasons it is not possible to replace the bottom of a swimsuit and complete swimsuits. You can change the top of the swimsuit to a different shape / size according to your wishes.

Hey! First of all, make sure the credit card you are using is not Diners’, our system does not accept this type of card, so try using a different type of card.

If you use a supported card and still receive an error, make sure that your credit card is not blocked / rejected. Also, make sure you have entered all the required numbers without any mistakes. If there is no factor that should be a problem for you, contact us at 0509353030 and we will make the transaction by phone.

of course! Call us and we can place the order for you by phone.

Store Phone Numbers: 077-9121012 | 077-5514753

No refund on swimwear. A swimsuit top can be replaced.

You can return the swimsuit to us and receive credit for realizing it on the website.

Top replacement is possible in several ways:

-Can be replaced in our store for free- On arrival at the store in Dizengoff Center during opening hours, where you can also measure.

– Can be exchanged via courier – with a shipping fee of 33 NIS. The courier will come to you with the new part, you will give him the part you have (replaced) and he will return it to us.

– You can send us the replaced part by mail, together with all your details: name, phone, order number, and we will contact you when the part arrives to us and we will send you the new part.

To exchange via shipping, please contact us by phone.