How to choose the cut that suits you best?

Our uniques are diverse, different and unique girls – each on its own. Each one has a different physique, things she likes more and less on her own and each one has the cuts that suit and flatter her.

We believe that anyone can wear a swimsuit and feel most beautiful, feminine and confident. You will be the most beautiful, in all shapes and sizes, in all colors and sizes.

We are here to show you this, to help you find the perfect swimsuit for you. We believe that anyone can wear a bikini in any size, and feel good about it. Wear a swimsuit and just be the one.

Different cuts will highlight different emphases in your body.

Find the parts you like yourself and adjust the shapes to your body type.

What would you like to highlight or blur, how would you like to look when wearing a swimsuit?


Enlarge Chest –

If you have a small breast and want to make it look more prominent, We have some cuts for you:

The fixed shape is suitable for all body structures, it gives a clean and classic look and brings the chest closer.

If you want to create a closer look of the chest – The top tie will allow you to pin and tie it according to your personal taste.

If your chest is relatively close and you want to give it a slight “push up” push – our top triangles cut will totally do the job!

Reduce the chest-

If you have a large breast – you are blessed! At the same time, some girls do not feel completely comfortable emphasizing this, and will prefer to find a cut that will make their breasts look smaller. Our recommendation: the strapless cut! It is very comfortable, not exposed and therefore makes the breast look “flatter” and does not protrude. At the same time, she is completely supportive and uplifting! Highly recommended, from experience!

Lifting and supporting a large breast –

If you have a large breast, you will want to feel held, supported and lifted. For this we recommend supportive and adjustable suspenders, in several cuts:

If you like a bare look – the top triangle cut is just for you! The Xs in the back simulate a corset and thus lift the chest and create a “silicone” look. Recommended for breasts up to size D.

If comfort is your thing, the strapless is the winning cut for you: the adjustable straps allow for support and lift, the cut is comfortable, beautiful and allows you to move freely. It is recommended to choose the size according to the circumference of the chest and not according to the cap.

If you fancy a fashion – our iron cut will answer your request while maintaining the level and support you are looking for! Your girth is adjustable by tying a bow tie, the straps are adjustable to lift the chest and the braces are there to give the support.

If you sometimes want to focus on comfort, and sometimes on sexiness and cleavage – our top tie will give you all the options! At the front you can tie and bring the chest closer, and if you turn it over you will get our comfortable and flattering top cut.

Narrow your shoulders –

If you have an inverted triangular structure – whose shoulders are wider than the pelvis, and you want to create a more refined look for the shoulders – we recommend bras with thin straps with little coverage, such as sliding shape and fixed shape.

Convenience –

If beach mats and frisbees are your thing, you are probably looking for a comfortable cut that you can move and jump with freely. Our recommendation: strapless cut , comes with adjustable straps that guarantee maximum comfort. In addition, you can also go for a cut Our tying top , on the one hand the top cut, and on the other hand triangles that are tied in different ways. Comfort is guaranteed!

Minimal coverage –

If exposed is what you like – go for small and sexy triangular shapes, you can reduce the sliding shape by shrinking the triangles, and the fixed shape offers small and shaped triangles.


Maximum coverage –

Our cuts offer different buttocks covers, some covering more and some less. If you are looking for maximum butt coverage, our best suggestion is to go for the tie cut – a cut that covers more. Please note – you can take a larger size to get a wider coverage, the circumference of the sides is tied and adjustable with the laces so you can take a larger size.

Blur the “sides” –
  • We have 2 cuts that will do it for you:
The first is the Hoy shape, our winning shape – our secret is wide sides that are placed in exactly the right place on the body, which makes all sides disappear. The second cut is our high cut .

hide the belly / blur the sides –

High bottom created for you! It has a stunning cut that comes below the waist, which gives real emphasis to your waist and hides the lower abdomen. It is also really convenient!

Extend your legs-

For the lower of us who want to look taller, the Hoy cut can do it for you! The combination of the wide and high sides and the low hoy in the middle creates the effect of longer legs

Want to lengthen your legs with a different shape? Absolutely possible! We recommend placing all the panties a little high, on the “sides” and not at the meeting point between the legs and the abdomen, it also gives the effect of longer legs, also blurs the sides and also gives a sexy look!


From those who are looking for the cut that sits well, is comfortable and should not be messed with? The classic cut was created for you. She is insanely flattering and comfort is her second name.

* All written in general only in accordance with our experience. Of course, each has a different body and each will have different cuts. Can be measured in our store *