Hi Unique, Do you want to order a swimsuit and do not know how? Want to know a little more details on how it actually goes? You have come to the right place. Ordering a swimsuit on our website may consist of a lot of options, to allow you to choose what you like, but it is really simple! Follow these steps and your new swimsuit on its way to you: Under the Store tab at the top of the site, select the category you want. Bikini – Choose the “Bikini” category and choose your favorite print. Moving the mouse over the print image (without clicking) will allow you to see an image of the model on a model, before entering its page, it helps those who are undecided and want to take a “quick look” at everything. Did you choose a print? Excellent! Click on it and you will move to its product page. Now you’ve got to the fun stage! Time to choose the shape you want! So how does it actually go? Before you start playing with the cuts, first choose the model that Aliyah would like to show off her swimwear. There are 3 models in different body structures so you can see the swimwear on the body structure that is most similar to yours. This will help you adjust the cut for you. The box shows bras and panties from the same print, but in several different cuts. By switching with the arrows you can choose the bra shape and the bottom cut you want. Zigzag you have fun with the arrows until you reach the perfect combination for you. Note that all models are double-sided and in the transition with the mouse you can see both sides of the model. On the left you can get a short description of the cut you have chosen with advice from us – with which cut we recommend combining it in the specific print you have chosen? Of course this is just a tip and choose what you like! Have you made a decision? Excellent! On the left side below the description you can select the desired size. And yes, you can combine upper part size with bottom part size! Add to cart and proceed to fill in details and pay. Ask yourself how does the deliveries work?

As soon as you place an order on the website, you will receive 3 emails – make sure you entered the correct email:

Order confirmation email from the site with your order details.
Tax invoice / receipt confirming receipt of payment.
When the shipment arrives to you – you will receive an email with a tracking number and a URL where you can track your shipment yourself.


You have chosen to order a swimsuit from the site – now you have 3 options:

Self-collection from the store in Dizengoff Center – you can arrive during the store’s opening hours.
Delivery by courier to the house – cost 33 NIS.
Delivery to an automatic collection point / locker at a cost of 20 NIS.

Average delivery time is up to 5 business days. You can track your order with the tracking number you will receive from the shipping company by SMS.

* It should be noted that once a shipment leaves Unica, it has no responsibility for a specific delivery time, the responsibility is in the hands of the courier company.