Terms: General:
  1. Every person who places an order and / or purchase through the website declares that when performing the transaction she has read these terms and conditions, and that she agrees to all the provisions and conditions of these terms and conditions, and that she or anyone on her behalf will not have any claim Against the site and / or the company and / or the management of the site and / or the company and / or any of its managers and / or employees, in all matters relating to the provisions and conditions of these regulations.
  2. The photos of the swimwear on the site are for illustration only. Swimwear may look different from screen to screen due to different qualities and resolutions between different screens, therefore, there may be differences between the appearance of the swimsuit on the website and its actual appearance. In any case of discrepancy between what is displayed on the website and the actual appearance, the actual appearance will be what is required. However, the company does its best to ensure that the swimwear displayed on the website is displayed in a way that is most similar to their actual appearance.
  3. All prices on the website appear on the products and are denominated in new shekels. Prices include VAT, and do not include shipping.
  4. The site management may update the prices of the products on the site and the shipping rates from time to time and without the need for prior notice. The price valid in relation to the order placed is the price published when completing the order process (which includes the delivery of credit card information). If prices are updated before the order process is completed, the customer will be charged according to the updated prices.
Transaction Cancellation and Exchanges: Cancellation of a transaction in accordance with the Consumer Protection (Cancellation of a Transaction) Regulations, 2010 and the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981
  1. Cancellation of a transaction will be made provided that the item you ordered has not yet been shipped, and no more than 24 hours from the date of ordering on the website.
  2. The refund for the canceled order will be made by crediting the credit card from which the order was made and deducting 30 NIS / 5% (whichever is lower) as a cancellation fee.
  3. In the event that a product is out of stock or for some reason cannot be delivered to the customer, the company may notify the customer of the cancellation of the purchase within 2 business days from the date of the transaction.
  4. Replacement of an item is possible provided that the item was purchased at full price and no sale / discount applies at the time of purchase.
  5. According to the laws of the Ministry of Health, it is not possible to change the bottom of a swimsuit, so a replacement will only be given on the top.
  6. If you want to change the size / shape, contact us by phone within 24 hours of receiving the order.
  7. Exchanges can be made at our store in Dizengoff Center Tel Aviv, or by courier for an additional shipping fee.
  8. Swimsuits cannot be returned or refunded.
  9. If the item is to be exchanged by delivery, the shipping costs apply to the replacement customer.
Shipping & Delivery:
  1. The customer who orders on the website has 2 options for receiving the product: delivery by courier and self-collection.
  2. Self-collection will be possible from the store in Dizengoff Center, Building A, 2nd floor.
  3. Delivery – the customer can choose one of the 2 options: delivery with a courier to the house at a cost of 35 NIS, or delivery to an automatic collection point / locker at a cost of 20 NIS.
  4. Delivery time is within 5 business days, starting from the business day following the day the order is placed.
  5. From the moment the shipment leaves the company, the company does not commit to the date of delivery of the order, and there may be unexpected delays on the part of the shipping company, which is not in the company’s hands.

    Purchasing Products on the Site

    1. Purchasing the products will be done by adding products to the shopping cart, after adding products to the shopping cart you will enter the customer in the online form provided for this in the process Order the customer’s details. The fields marked with an asterisk are required to be filled and without them the order will not be possible to complete.

    2. In order to avoid any possibility of a malfunction in the delivery, the customer must provide only accurate and correct details.

    3. Filling in all the details is a prerequisite for making the order in order to make the order efficiently and without any glitches and therefore care must be taken to provide all the details accurately.

    4. Filling in all the details required for the purchase of the product by the customer will be considered to place an order (hereinafter: “the order”) upon receipt of the order, the site will check the credit card details And only after the approval of the credit company as will be clarified below, the operation will be approved and a final confirmation of the order will be issued, the customer will be charged for the product through the credit card and everything is subject to the products in the company and website.

    5. The details as entered in the order form by the customer will constitute conclusive evidence of the correctness of the operations.

      How to pay for the order

      1. Payment for the products will be made by credit card.

      2. When using a credit card to make the payment, the customer will be asked to provide the credit card details, ID card, card type and validity.

      3. Once the payment details have been entered in the online order form, a confirmation of receipt of the order details will be sent to the customer by e-mail. It will be clarified that this approval does not oblige the site management to provide the ordered products and it only indicates that the order details have been received by the site management.

      4. Approval of the purchase operation is conditional on the product being purchased in stock on the requested delivery date and / on the order date. If it is not stated that the product is not in stock and the product has not been downloaded from the site by the time the order is placed, the site management will not be liable subject to the site management refunding the customer any amount paid to the site management and / or canceling the charge if made for the purchase. p>

      5. It will be clarified that there may be situations in which although the item is displayed on the site as in stock, in practice it is missing and can not be delivered, in these cases the transaction will be canceled and the customer will not have any claim in this regard subject to refund. / p>