You probably want to know who we are. Well, the feeling is mutual!

We are Uniqa, an Israeli swimsuit brand created and designed (with lots of love) by Noga Opatovski:

Why did I create a swimsuit brand?

I have always believed that swimsuits are one of those things that everyone needs in their closet. Whether you live at the beach and wear it often or only on vacation – it’s an article of clothing that everyone must have at least one of.

Swimsuits are the item of clothing in which we are most exposed and because of this, many of us do not feel comfortable wearing them. In my opinion: swimsuits are revealing, they don’t always fit us best and many of us don’t like what we see in the mirror as a result.

For years I struggled to find a swimsuit that complimented my body (wider hips, narrow torso) and that I could feel comfortable in without having to constantly adjust the straps or worry about my appearance. I always felt that I had to make some sort of compromise when swimsuit shopping- whether it was deciding on a less attractive color for a more flattering cut and style, or not being able to mix and match between top and bottom bikini sizes, there was always something I wasn’t completely pleased with. This made me feel like I would never look good in a swimsuit, which obviously made me feel less confident and less comfortable in my own skin.

Every woman should be able to feel confident and attractive while wearing a swimsuit.

After years of not fully understanding that I wasn’t the problem, but that the problem was actually the styles, products and swimsuit market itself- I decided to learn how to sew. I wanted to be able to sew swimsuits that would be perfect for me (my size, my body type), to be able to design and wear as many different styles as I wanted and have them all fit me exactly as I imagined.

I started by studying my body. I tried on many different styles while attempting to understand what looked good on me and what wasn’t as flattering.  Next, I began sketching designs that I created specifically for my body type and ended up putting together a few different swimsuits that I felt completely and totally comfortable wearing.

At this point I understood something very important: if I can feel like the prettiest girl at the beach, anyone can. It doesn’t matter if you are thin or curvy, have wide or narrow hips, large breasts or small, a flat stomach or not…all you need is to find the style that suits you. The right swimsuit that will compliment your body type, that you’ll wear, look in the mirror and smile.

So that is exactly what I have worked on (and continue to work on): creating the most flattering styles from a true and deep understanding of all body types. I aim to create swimwear that help women accept their body. And that is the exact reason why I created Uniqa, so that each and every one of you can go to the beach with a smile.

What Uniqa means

Choosing a name for my brand was not easy. I wanted the name to reflect me, the brand and the message I was trying to send.

Uniqa is a combination of two words: unique- meaning different, single, having no equal. And unica in Spanish- meaning one and only.

The name Uniqa portrays the product and message: you are special, no one else in the world is like you and that is why you need a swimsuit that is unique. My collection allows you to assemble the combination that is perfect for you.

Who is Uniqa?

Every girl or woman who wants to feel confident, who wants to walk on the beach in a bikini with a huge smile spreading from ear to ear because she knows (and feels) she is the most attractive person there.

Uniqa is every girl who wants to wear a bathing suit and love the reflection looking back at her in the mirror.

Our Uniqas are woman who are not afraid to be seen, who have loads of self-confidence and love living their best life.

Anyone can be a Uniqa, once she understands that she is worth much more than she thinks.

You are beautiful in all shapes and sizes. We are here to help you realize that and assist you in finding the swimsuit you have always dreamed of. We want you to see yourselves as we see you- unique, gorgeous and special. We want you to truly believe that every girl or woman can wear a bikini and look amazing.

Wear a bikini and simply be you!

Uniqueness, self-love and a smile

Our secret formula for a good life. Trust us, it works.

So, what exactly is so unique about Uniqa? The fact that we enable you to be so.

Our collection is made up of many unique patterns designed specifically for swimwear. Each of these patterns is available in eleven different bikini styles- six tops and five bottoms, so that each and every one of you can choose the style and pattern combination that suits you best.

We added a small (but significant) new feature to this years’ collection, so that you’ll hopefully never get sick of your swimsuit: two swimsuits in one! Now, you get to find the styles you like and enjoy them in two different colors or patterns, because all of our swimsuits are double-sided. Have we mentioned the word unique yet?

And how could we continue without talking about our one-piece swimsuits? They too went through the same long process that our bikinis went through- dozens of sketches, designs and styles rejected and revised until we reached our final products. From our experience, you’ll try on these one-pieces, look in the mirror and say “wow”. Oh, and they’re double-sided too of course.

Our motto: choose your style.

Simply choose your style. What do you like the most? What best represents you? What suits you best?

When choosing a swimsuit and when living your life, just be yourself. You’re the best at it.

Wishing you an amazing summer,

Noga and Uniqa.